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AJSH & Co is a India Chartered Accountant firm registered with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), United States of America. AJSH is established with the aim of providing a wide range of accounting and financial services to clients in India, USA and UK and aspires to be recognized as a quality service provider globally. We are a team of chartered accountants in India, with vast knowledge and professional experience, serving its clients and specializes in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation, foreign investments along with a host of other financial services with its base at New Delhi, India. The service model is flexible , and allows for periodic change and rebalancing. In addition, the company has transformed itself into an integrated enterprise which has improved overall productivity. As a result, today the company is a high performing enterprise. We provide services in the field of Accounting, Auditing & Assurance, Internal Audit, Tax Audit, Management Audit, Statutory Audit, Income Tax, Tax Planning, Direct Taxes, Service Tax, Delhi Value Added Tax, Sales Tax, Company Formation India, Company Registration in India, Company Incorporation India, Corporate Compliance, Foreign Branch / Liaison Office Registration etc.

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Indian Chartered Accountant firms
Indian Chartered Accountant firms INR 0 INR 0 AJSH & Co. is one of the leading Indian Chartered Accountant firms in India. We will provide you personalized help with your business regardless if you are just starting out or already running your business successfully. Our business startup services and our accounting and tax services are tailored to YOUR individual needs. Our team of accountants and tax experts will help you make informed decisions and help you plan ahead. Contact us for a personalized consultation False 1520581393
Company Registration in India
Company Registration in India INR 0 INR 0 Being register as a company is always turned to be a hectic schedule while accompanying with several rules and guidelines. In India as per New Companies Act, 2013; different companies comprised of different rules as for private ( pvt ) limited, public limited, govt. company, semi government company, One Person Company (OPC), NGO and many more. Company law for varied companies generally varies that need to be accompanied by the owners or partners before applying with company registration in India Company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business having a distinct name and limited liability. It is a juristic person having a separate legal entity distinct from the members who constitute it, capable of rights and duties of its own and having perpetual succession. Minimum requirement for the Private Limited Company Minimum 2 Directors Minimum 2 Shareholders (Directors & Shareholders can be same) Minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 1,00,000/- DIN for both Directors Digital Signatures for all Directors Consent from subscriber or director Proof of Registered Address NOC from the owner of the premises The procedure for company registration can be divided into following steps : Obtain Digital Signatures One director must apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), which is necessary to file the company registration documents. For this, only a few scanned documents and details will be required. It is compulsory to obtain DSC for at least one Director to sign E-forms relating to incorporation life Form INC-1 and other documents. Application for DIN in the form DIR-3 Every individual intending to be appointed as director of a company shall make an application for allotment of Director Identification Number in form DIR-3 to the Central Government in such form and manner and along with such fees as may be prescribed Check for company name availability Select, in order of preference, a few suitable names, not less than four, indicative of the main objects of the company. Ensure that the name does not resemble the name of any other company already registered and also does not violate the provisions of Emblems and names (prevention of improper use) Act, 1950 Application for Name Availability Apply to the concerned ROC to ascertain the availability of name in INC-1 of General Rules and Forms along with a fee. If proposed name is not available apply for a fresh name on the same application the digital signature of the applicant proposing the company has to be attached in the form. MCA has prescribed certain rules for name availability, so it is advisable to check guidelines for the same before applying for name. Refer Rule-8 of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 After the name approval of the applicant ROC will issue Name availability Letter w.r.t. approval for availability of name for a proposed company. The name will be valid for a period of 60 days from the date on which the application for reservation was made. The applicant can apply for registration of the new company by filing the required forms INC-1 within six months of name approval. Drafting MOA & AOA Arrange for the drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association by the solicitors, vetting of the same by ROC and printing of the same. Arrange for stamping of the Memorandum and Articles with the appropriate stamp duty. Get the Memorandum and Articles signed by atleast two subscribers in his own hand, his father's name, occupation, address and the number of shares subscribed for and witnessed by atleast one person. Ensure that the Memorandum and Article is dated on a date after the date of stamping. The main objects should match with the objects shown in e-form INC-1. The memorandum should be in respective forms as prescribed in Table A, B, C, D and E in Schedule-1 as applicable to a company. The articles should be in respective forms as prescribed in Table F, G, H, I and J in Schedule-1 as applicable to a company. Filing various forms in ROC The following documents are required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies: Memorandum of Association (duly stamped) and a duplicate thereof. Articles of Association (duly stamped) and a duplicate thereof. Declaration by Professional in INC-8 Affidavit from the subscriber to the Memorandum in Form no. INC-9 Residential Proofs Identity Proofs Verification of Signature of subscribers in Form INC-10 A copy of the letter of the Registrar of Companies intimating the availability of the proper name. e-Form No. 1 (with prescribed stamps) for incorporation of a Company. Document evidencing payment of prescribed registration and filing fee. Payment of form fees and stamp duty After filing the documents of MCA online portal, we need to pay the necessary fees. ROC verifies the forms and attachments After the receipt of the forms along with applicable fees ROC, verifies and scrutinizes all the documents and attachments and suggests necessary changes, if require. ROC issues the Certificate of Incorporation If the registrar is satisfied that all the requirements have been complied with by the companies, it will register the company and issue a Certificate of Incorporation of the company. The date mentioned in the certificate is the date of incorporation of the company. True 1520581680
Accounts Outsourcing Services
Accounts Outsourcing Services INR 0 INR 0 A range of tailor-made accounting services for every requirement. This is our Public Company Accounting Oversight Board(PCAOB) registered service offering where businesses can outsource their entire accounting functions or just certain components. This service is ideal for the company that is virtual or home-based, wants to maintain a low overhead, or for the company that does not want to manage the accounting/financial functions of a business. Services we offer Financial Statements : customize your financials to make certain they are in a format acceptable to 3rd parties such as investors and bankers while providing the financial information you need to run your company. Compilation Service : we ensure the accuracy and dependability of your financial information with our compilation services that are preferred by many 3rd parties and add credibility to your financial statements. These services can serve as a back up to internal accounting staff and uncover possible errors that could impact your business or have tax implications. These services are recommended for anyone who owns or operates a business. Budget Formulation : let us help you develop a budget model within Excel or software you prefer that allows you to track budget vs. actual while considering cash flow implications and capital expenditures. Fixed Asset Administration : this allows us to track your capital expenditures and determine the best method of depreciation for your business. See More Services in India Accounting outsourcing companies in India Accounting outsourcing services in India Delhi True 1520581912
Auditing Services
Auditing Services INR 0 INR 0 An audit service is more than a formality; it is a necessity to protect your business and encourage it to thrive. Early warnings, open communication and pragmatic resolution of issues are the essential features of the approach adopted by AJSH. By taking the time to gain a thorough understand of their client's businesses and by providing a risk-focused service integrating rigorous risk assessment with diagnostic processes and audit testing procedures tailored to the specific audit, our firms maintain excellent relationships with their clients. This quality-led approach means members provide an intelligent, constructive and challenging audit to every one of their clients. With Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), United States of America, we are also eligible to do audit in USA. We have done audits for various development stage companies for S-1 filings. Our turnaround time and costs are considerably low for new companies who want to get listed on stock exchanges there Through robust audit tools, resources and procedures, AJSH delivers high quality audit services, adhering to the highest standards of independence, ethics, and professional objectivity while applying technical excellence. As part of our strategy, continuous audit quality improvement, service performance and delivery to clients is continuously assessed. Statutory Audits : We believe the statutory audit should be viewed as an opportunity, not an overhead. It is a legally required review of the accuracy of a company's or governments financial records. The purpose of a statutory audit is the same as the purpose of any other audit - to determine whether an organization is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial position by examining information such as bank balances, book keeping records and financial transactions of both Public and Private Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, PSU's, firms and Sole-Proprietors. Internal Audit : Focus is to ensure strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over key control areas and compliance with internal operating policies and guidelines are other focus areas. Service Tax Audit : We provide our esteemed services for Service Tax Audit in India by fulfilling the demands of different sectors and we are capable of undertake our clients with Service Tax Audit under section 44AB. Such audits assure that the evaluated Tax Service according to the law complies with the provisions of the Finance Act, 1994 Chapter V and the rules made thereunder with. It is an indirect tax run by the Central Excise Department. Tax Audit : To prepare report in Form 3CA/3CB including annexure in Form 3CD as per div 44AB of the Income-Tax Act. We'll help with your IRS tax audit by: Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry and explain what it means Researching issues involved Assisting you in assembling documents and records for the tax audit Reviewing the tax audit findings and explaining them to you Explaining the appeal process and other options available to you in the event you disagree with the tax authority's findings Process / Transaction Audit : A process audit is an examination of results to determine whether the activities, resources and behaviors that cause them are being managed efficiently and effectively. Management Audit : To assess the systems, methods and policies followed by an entity's management in the administration and the use of resources, tactical and strategic planning, and employee and organizational improvement. Stock Audit: : It is carried out on behalf of banks and financial institutions. The objective is to ensure that the security against which funds are lent by the bank is safe and valued correctly. Due Diligence : We assist clients in conducting financial, legal and accounting reviews in case of mergers, acquisitions and investments. A sound understanding of local laws, regulations and accounting practices enables us to vet all critical issues in detail. Forensic / Risk Audit : Our forensic audit focuses on high risk areas and helps you strengthen your internal controls. What is it : Forensic audit techniques seek to uncover corporate or other organization fraud. Results emanating from a forensic audit are typically used to support both civil litigation and criminal prosecutions. Forensic audit techniques can be broken down into five basic categories. Testing Defences : Most businesses and other organizations have procedures and defences set up to prevent the occurrence of fraud. A good initial forensic audit technique is to attempt to circumvent these defences yourself. The weaknesses you find within the organization's controls will most probably guide you down the same path taken by suspected perpetrators. This technique requires you to attempt to put yourself in the shoes and think like your suspect. Trend Analysis : Businesses have cycles and seasons much akin to nature itself. An expense or event within a business that would be analogous to a snowy day in the middle of summer is worth investigating. Careful review of your subject organization's historical norms is necessary in order for you to be able to discern the outlier event should it arise within your investigation. Digital Forensic Examinations : Every transaction leaves a digital footprint in today's computer-driven society. Close scrutiny of relevant emails, accounting records, phone logs and target hard drives is a requisite facet of any modern forensic audit. Digital investigations can become quite complex and require support from trained digital investigators. However, many open-source digital forensics tools are now available to assist you in this phase of the investigation. Face to Face Interviews : Forensic auditing is akin to detective work, and every good detective desires to look his witnesses and suspects in the eye. Personal interviews with the staff of your target entity yield a better understanding of its operations and of the culture that exists within it. According to John J. Hall of the Journal of Accountancy, critical information can be gleaned from interviews with parties who have knowledge of the events without being directly connected to the fraud. Full Financial Auditing : Detailed financial audits can be complex and most often require the assistance of a qualified forensic accountant. Basic financial audit techniques include bank statement reconciliations, scrutiny of all vendor contracts and payments, review of tax returns and analysis of public filings. Financial forensic audit techniques seek to identify suspicious transactions and trace them back to potential perpetrators. How we can help Gather and analyze evidence Integrate interview information with queries from databases, emails, and hard drives Report our findings, review internal controls, and provide remediation options Expert testimony Internal Audit : The scope of the audit is defined as per the internal controls and is carried out with specific emphasis on cost control. The main purpose of an internal control audit system is to ensure no mistakes, omission or accidental or deliberate errors. Our team is well trained in safeguarding of assets and operating with internal guidelines and policies to ensure smooth procedures. Statutory Audit firm in delhi Stock auditors in India Service tax audit in India GET IN True 1520581776
Payroll Process
Payroll Process INR 0 INR 0 We will handle your payroll process with accurate on time payouts and all compliances under check. A payroll is a financial record of salaries paid to an employee as wages, bonus or deduction. It is given for the work done during a particular period of time. Payroll processing involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions. We offer highly efficient payroll services. Partnering with us reduces costs and increases profits. We offer a convenient and reliable payroll process. Payroll is one of the most important responsibilities of the employer and his company. Our company helps you manage your payroll process in a manner that would maximize salary pay-outs and minimize per employee cost to company. Process can be divided as follows: Inputs Admin inputs from HR/Finance organizations. This could include Standard payroll inputs like salary break-up information by employee etc. Special payroll inputs like exit employees, bonus information, Awards, leave related rules. Possible to enter manually or bulk upload using online payroll software. Employee inputs Tax related declarations Leave information Payroll & non-payroll re-imbursements All inputs provided through online payroll software (myPayroll) Third party inputs Attendance information from swipe or biometric attendance systems Leave information from 3rd party HR software, if applicable Outputs & reports Admin reports Payroll register, Bank file Variance report, payroll summaries by location, unit Employee reports Payslips Tax statements PF & other Fund related statements Payroll Outsourcing primarily helps companies file tax returns on time, easing the pressure of work, reducing the load and help them get more efficient with their core business. We simplify your complexities and offer highly comprehensive and best payroll processing services. True 1520582140
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